Who am I?

I’m a young millennial from Long Island currently working in the NYC library world. My background is in journalism, media, and cultural studies; I probably could’ve been a decent features writer if not for my intense anxiety. I have cerebral palsy, which in my case means I use a wheelchair and walker. I’ve been writing since I was around eight years old; I’m an introvert, but I have a lot to say. I also have a wide range of interests: fiction and poetry, popular culture (what’s current along with what’s very old), news and politics, social justice, history, and much more.

You can follow me on Twitter at @emmyy_award. You can email me at yourfriendfromonline@substack.com.

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This is a place for me to share what’s bouncing around inside my head with others in more than 240 characters — sometimes a tweet or thread isn’t enough. I’m trying to take myself less seriously, but I also want to talk about serious topics… sometimes. In making myself feel less alone, I hope I can make readers feel less alone too. I think connections made online are just as valid and real as ones started in person — which is where the title of this newsletter comes from. It’s up to you whether you want to be a free subscriber or a paid one, no pressure.

Be my friend!

Online friendships still have a bad reputation, but I don’t think all of them should be viewed with so much suspicion. I promise I’m not catfishing you. The person you’re going to meet here is the same one you’d meet on the street — albeit a more eloquent and less nervous version.

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Emily Ammann
queer leftist disabled librarian and creator in NYC.